Let’s keep the learning going together!

In between juggling the demands of work, home, and teaching your child at home  – you are one busy person.  With Kindy Ready, you will feel like you are ahead of your child’s early education instead of just barely keeping up.

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Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed is the considered the teacher of teachers through her highly acclaimed blog ‘Teach Preschool’. She has over 30 years experience teaching young children and is the author of “Ready for Kindergarten.” 

Inside Kindy Ready you will get immediate access to…

  • Short, fun video lessons so that you can easily fit learning into your busy day. 


  • High quality downloadable booklets so that you will have the flexibility to teach at your own pace and on your own schedule.


  • Easy to follow parent tutorials so that you will know what to expect when it comes to teaching your child.

Every lesson in Kindy Ready is hands-on and action-oriented so that your child will enjoy the learning process and be excited to keep on learning.

A child who feels confident, competent, and independent is a child who is ready to learn and who will be ready for kindergarten…


By keeping learning relaxed and repetitive, your child will understand what to do and be excited to do more of it. Your child will say, “I can do this!”


Through hands-on play and exploration, your child will be practicing and mastering new skills and new concepts in all areas of learning.


Your child will be challenged to try new ideas and to think in new ways. Watch your child grow in the ability to do things all by his/her self!

Take a quick look at one of our live lessons…

Kindy Ready Membership

Monthly Themes

Four new themes are added to Kindy Ready each month. Each theme is built around a favorite Children’s Book, Season, or Holiday.

Skill Building Lessons

In addition to our themed lessons, you will have access to each of our hands-on, skill building set of videos which you can watch with your child or watch for yourself so that you will feel better prepared to teach it on your own AND so that you will have the reassurance that your child is continuously building the skills that he or she will need for a successful start in Kindergarten.

Weekly Live Zoom lessons with Deborah

You will have the option to join Deborah for one of her weekly 20 minute live lessons. In each lesson, Deborah leads the children through a fun and lively virtual large group circletime experience so that your child will develop skills in listening, following directions, and actively participating in a large group experience.


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Brand New in Kindy Ready!

Deborah and her team are always creating new resources to help Kindy Ready parents create positive learning experiences. EVERYTHING Deborah creates, she adds to Kindy Ready. She really likes to spoil her members.

Meet Deborah and her Kindy Ready Teaching team!

Ms. Lauren: Drawing Club Teacher; Kindy Ready Thematic Curriculum Developer and Zoom Teacher

Ms. Valerie: Dance Club Teacher

Ms. Kylee: Cooking Club, Lunchbox Club, and Exercise Club Teacher

Ms. J: Nature Club, Science Club, and Healthy Snack Club Teacher

Ms. Rosa: Spanish Club Teacher

You've Got Questions! I've Got Answers.

What ages are Kindy Ready lessons intended for?

Kindy Ready lessons are designed for children who are between the ages of three to five. 

How many days a week is Kindy Ready?

What’s great about Kindy Ready is that you can do as much (or as little) as you need. You decide what works best for your child and then access the resources as you need them.

As a general guide, Deborah recommends logging in to Kindy Ready 20 minutes for two days or 30 minutes for three days depending on the age and readiness of your child. 

How long is an average Kindy Ready Lesson?

Our Kindy Ready lessons can run anywhere from  2 minutes to 20 minutes long. It all depends on the lesson you wish to view that day. We design each lesson with the idea that your child may wish to explore the processes we provide through independent play and exploration. We also provide ideas for how you can extend each lesson to keep the learning going.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes – you can cancel your membership at anytime. 

You won’t be charged the next month’s membership fee once you cancel your account.  

Is Kindy Ready a good resource for early childhood teachers?

Yes – Kindy Ready is PERFECT for Home Childcare Providers and Preschool teachers. You can use Kindy Ready to help develop or enhance your curriculum or use the Kindy Ready videos as a resource in the physical classroom with your students. 

Please note: You many not share Kindy Ready Videos or Resources via zoom or other online platform.

What is the Kindy Ready Philosophy?

Kindy Ready lessons are based off of Deborah’s professional 30 years experience teaching in the early childhood classroom. Deborah has been inspired by Montessori and Reggio teachings and embraces a play-based, active and independent learning approach. Deborah has a master’s degree in early childhood education.

Will Kindy Ready go with a curriculum that I am already using?

Yes. Kindy Ready is a great supplement to any curriculum you may already be using.

Will I need to purchase supplies for the activities Kindy Ready provides?

We do our very best to come up with activities that use materials you may already have around your home. However, there will be some supplies that you most likely will need to purchase.

Will my child learn how to read and write in Kindy Ready?

Kindy Ready is designed to encourage an interest in reading and writing by providing different kinds of  experiences that promote pre-reading and pre-writing skills. If your child is showing an interest and the aptitude to begin reading, Deborah would encourage you to follow your child’s lead but not to push. 

Will my child find Kindy Ready lessons interesting? 

We understand that every child is uniquely designed. We provide a broad range of learning activities to meet a broad range of interests and abilities. Of course, our short answer to this question is, “Yes, your child will find Kindy Ready interesting.”


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Mrs. Stewart: Math Club, Listening Club, Process Art Club, Kindy Ready Reader, Kindy Ready Writer, Thematic Curriculum, and Zoom Teacher.

About Deborah

Deborah J. Stewart is the blogger behind the Teach Preschool blog and the founder of Kindy Ready. She has been teaching children between the ages of three to five-years-old for over 30 years. 

For the past 10 years, Deborah owned and operated her own preschool. Deborah used her private preschool as a way to observe and write about early learning in action through her highly acclaimed blog: Teach Preschool which has over 1m followers. 

Deborah believes that young children are active learners and learning through play is the best way to help them reach their fullest potential in all areas of development. 

Deborah has taken her years of physical classroom experiences and transformed them into virtual classroom experiences that continues to keep young children actively engaged and loving the learning process.