Kindy Ready will save you time and give you peace of mind!

In between juggling the demands of work, home, and now making sure my child is ready for Kindergarten – how am I supposed to get it all done? 

Hi there! My name is Deborah J. Stewart and I want you to know that I get it and…   I Care.

Every lesson that I provide in Kindy Ready is…

  • Already ‘Done-For-You” so that you can relax and enjoy learning with your child.

  • Hands-On and action-oriented so that your child will get the best kinds of experiences and want to keep on learning.

  • Taught by me and my carefully chosen team of teachers because your child deserves to learn in a loving, warm, and safe place.

You don’t have to do this alone. We can help your child get ready for kindergarten together.

A child who feels confident, competent, and independent is a child who is ready to learn…


By keeping learning relaxed and repetitive, your child will understand what to do and be excited to do more of it. Your child will say, “I can do this!”


Through hands-on play and exploration, your child will be practicing and mastering new skills and new concepts in all areas of learning.


Your child will be challenged to try new ideas and to think in new ways. Watch your child grow in the ability to do things all by his/her self!

Kindy Ready Membership

Your membership includes access to Deborah’s Kindy Kid Live Lessons …

As a member of Kindy Ready, your child has the option to join Deborah (Mrs. Stewart) each Tuesday for a Kindy Kids Live lesson on Zoom.

Kindy Kids Live is a wonderful opportunity for your child to build a real life connection with Mrs. Stewart and other Kindy Ready Kids!

Bonus: Sign Up today and you will get Deborah's Amazing Kindy Ready Readers too!

Every Kindy Ready Reader is intentionally designed to promote pre-reading and pre-writing skills. You can walk through each Reader with your child on your own or your child can tune in to Deborah’s walk-through in the Kindy Ready Reader section of the membership site.

Meet Deborah

Deborah J. Stewart is the founder of Kindy Ready and has been teaching children between the ages of three to five-years-old for over 30 years. 

For the past 10 years, Deborah owned and operated her own preschool. Deborah used her private preschool as a way to observe and write about early learning in action through her highly acclaimed blog: Teach Preschool. 

Deborah believes that young children are active learners and learning through play is the best way to help them reach their fullest potential in all areas of development. 

Deborah has taken her years of physical classroom experiences and transformed them into virtual classroom experiences that continues to keep young children actively engaged and loving the learning process.

Meet the rest of our Kindy Ready Teaching team!

Ms. Lauren: Drawing Club Teacher

Ms. Valerie: Dance Club Teacher

Ms. Kylee: Cooking Club, Lunchbox Club, and Exercise Club Teacher

Ms. J: Nature Club Teacher

Ms. Rosa: Spanish Club Teacher

You've Got Questions! I've Got Answers.

What ages are Kindy Ready lessons intended for?

Kindy Ready lessons are designed for children who are between the ages of three to five. 

How long is an average Kindy Ready Club Lesson?

Most of our Kindy Ready club lessons run approximately 10 minutes long. We design each lesson with the idea that your child may wish to explore the processes we provide through independent play and exploration. We also provide ideas for how you can extend each lesson to keep the learning going.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes – you can cancel your membership at anytime. 

You won’t be charged the next month’s membership fee once you cancel your account.  

Is Kindy Ready a good resource for early childhood teachers?

Yes – Kindy Ready is PERFECT for classroom teachers. It’s like having Deborah as a second teacher in the classroom.

Please note: Kindy Ready Does not provide training certificates.

Does Kindy Ready follow the Montessori Approach?

Kindy Ready lessons are based off of Deborah’s professional 30 years experience teaching in the early childhood classroom. However, like Montessori, Kindy Ready embraces a play-based, active and independent learning approach.

Will Kindy Ready go with a curriculum that I am already using?

Yes. Kindy Ready is a great supplement to any curriculum you may already be using.

Will I need to purchase supplies for the activities Kindy Ready provides?

We do our very best to come up with activities that use materials you may already have around your home. However, there will be some supplies that you most likely will need to purchase.

Will my child learn how to read and write in Kindy Ready?

Kindy Ready is designed to encourage an interest in reading and writing by providing different kinds of experiences that promote pre-reading and pre-writing skills. If your child is showing an interest and the aptitude to begin reading, Deborah would encourage you to follow your child’s lead but not to push.